Useful Phrases for Recognize Topics in TOEFL Listening Section


hardly bald, hairstyle change for not covering the eyes, cut curl hair


pick up the third one at the airline, give me a ride to the office


a jean and T-shirt for interview is casual, clothes is wet before the concert

4.Plants Need Light to Grow

put the flower to the window, the bookcase will prevent the sunlight, need the fresh


spend the whole day in the library, make the photocopy at library,

meet at the library, return the books to the library, library is a better place to study

6. Food

fish can’t be eat, berry is a bush even for a bird, bread is over toasted, vegetables are over cooked, bread may be in the refrigerator,


film run out, film not processed, film not good


clean up for picnic, cold enough for skating, snowing too much to fly, so hot that we need an air conditioner,


wait till the last minute, chemistry test without time for reading, fill out the financial aid form without the priority, paper extended to the next week


magazine to kill the time, read the magazine twice, go early for not queue


need another doctor, it is open till 10 at the health center, take the pill the doctor assigned,

12.Join A Community

garden club, find another committee member to replace,


join a entertainment club for leisure, spend more time outdoors