TOEFL Writing | English vocabulary for describing Characteristics

For discribing good neighbor / teacher / leader / parent / friend / employee 

role model / well-educated / good listener / caring, considerate/ aggressive / ambitious / amiable / aspiring / candid / conscientious / cooperative / creative / disciplined / discreet / dynamic, energetic, passionate, enthusiastic / efficient / frank, honest, straightforward / frugal / generous, liberal / hard-working, diligent, industrious / / hospitable / humorous / impartial / independent /  have an inquiring mind / knowledgeable / modest / open-minded / original / punctual / rational / smart / strong-willed / sweet-tempered /


For all nice people

honest/warm-hearted /considerate/optimistic


For One aspect / characteristic / quality / feature / attribute / element / thing of

Describe a friend of yours, and explain why you consider this person a friend. Use details and examples to support your view.

One of my best friends is Danny. He is my friend for many reasons. One characteristic of Danny’s that I really admire is his honesty. He always tells the truth to me. Another quality of Danny’s that I like is his optimistic attitude. Danny always has a positive word for everything. Danny’s sense of humor is a final aspect of his personality that I admire. He is always able to make me laugh. For these reasons, I consider Danny a great friend.