TOEFL Speaking / Writing Template



Q1:Personally, I would like to say that_____________

And there are a couple of reasons to name. 

First________ Second_______

So that’s why________

Q2: In my opinion, I would definitely disagree/agree with the point that________________

The first reason I wanna say is that______________

Second________ In conclusion,_______________

Q3: In the reading material, we learn that__________

In the listening material, the man agrees/disagrees with the policy. One reason he gives is that_________

Another reason is that_______________

Therefore, he likes/dislikes the opinion.

Q4: In this set of material, the reading passage explains____________

In the lecture, the professor mainly talked about the theory that________________________

To reinforce the theory, the professor gave two examples/reasons in his speech. The first one is that___________________ The other is that _____________

And that’s two examples/reasons the speaker presented to explain his ideas.

Q5: According to the conversation, the man has a problem that______________

The woman offer him several suggestions. One is __________ The other is __________ 

As far as I’m concerned, I think ______ is better. First, because__________ Second_______________

Q6: In the listening material, the professor explains___________

Comprehensive writing template

The reading material raises the issue that_____________ 

However, this statement is strongly questioned by the lecture which provides drastically different evidences and contends that_______________

The first point that the professor uses to cast doubt on the reading is that____________ According to the professor,_______________ This differs from the reading in that the reading states__________________

Another point that the professor uses to cast doubt on the reading is that______________ The professor shows that_____________ In contrast, the reading passage believes that___________ So the lecture totally disagrees with the point made in the reading.

 Finally, the professor states, on the contrary of the reading___________ As he pointed out, _______________

This directly contradicts what the reading passage indicates, because______________

Independent writing template

Nowadays, a hot and important controversy centering on the problem whether_____________ A fair proportion of people contend that_________________________

 However, as far as I am concerned, I agree that_________ My arguments for this point are listed as follows.

The main reason for my propensity for_____ is that___

For example,________

There is another factor that deserve some words here。

What’s more,_________

From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that_____________

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