How to Properly Praise Someone?


【Praise the performance of the other company

1. We are proud to have you on our team.

2. You are an excellent outside-of-the-box thinker.

3. Its no wonder that you are such an outstanding sales figure.

4. Thanks to your efforts, our team is at a record high!

5. We want to recognize your outstanding achievements this year.

6. You have proved your commitment to meeting each customer’s specific needs.

7. You did a great job at the trade fair.

8. I couldnt have completed the task without your help.

9. Your presentation was exceptional this time and left a good impression on everyone.

10. You have a very successful business.

11. You’re very professional.

12. I’m very pleased with your work.

13. I admire your hard work./I respect your hard work.

14. Nice going!/Well done!

make a compliment to some company”

1. Your company is very impressive.

2. Your employees are so energetic.

3. Your company has been the market leader for several years.

【Praise each other’s appearance

1. You looked fabulous at the party yesterday.

2. You look great today.

3. You’re looking sharp!

4. You look nice in that color.

5. You look outstanding. /You look like a movie star.

【Praise each other’s words and demeanor

1. You always know the right thing to say.

2. You’re very eloquent.

3. I soaked in a lot today.

4. Brilliant! Ill keep what you said in mind.

【Praise each other’s hospitality

1. This is really a nice place.

2. This has really been a rewarding trip.

3. The food is delicious.

4. Everything tastes great.

【Praise each other’s family

1. Your son/daughter is so cute.

2. What an adorable baby!

3. Your wife/husband is very charming.

4. You two make a lovely couple.

【Praise other aspects of the other side

1. We’re so proud of you.

2. You’ve got a great personality.

3. You have a good sense of humor.

4. Your Chinese is really surprising.

5. Your English is incredible.

6. You’re really talented.

7. You have a good taste.

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