Argument Materials for TOEFL Speaking/ Writing 【Topic 03- Online Study】



In the future, students may have the choice of studying at home by using technology such as computers or television or of studying at traditional schools. Which would you prefer? Use reasons and specific details to explain your choice.


Sample Argument Materials:

❶ Various advantages

Firstly, students need to learn to use the Internet because it’s an integral part of society and because they can widen their knowledge through it. Secondly, the Internet is quite useful. Knowing how to make use of the Internet will help students get good jobs in the future. Thirdly, students can enjoy learning because life online is attractive.


❷ Combining the two methods

Educators today believe that every student should know how to use the Internet, but their enthusiasm is misguided. The internet is indeed important and useful, but so are many other things. Students should master basic skills such as math and reading before turning to the Internet. Also, they must learn to cooperate with each other to solve problems and prepare for their futures.

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