TOEFL Speaking Template for Part 5 | 3 Sample Answers

Template 1

According to what I’ve just heard, the man encounters a headache that … In order to help him, the woman comes up with two solutions. One is to…. Also, he could… As for me, I am more in favor the first solution for I was in the same situation last semester, and it turned out, the first solution proved to be a magic wand to the get me out of the dilemma/predicament.


Template 2

The woman asks the man about important aspects of handling…and the man comes up with some valuable suggestions. He first mentions …rather than…  Also, he reminds the woman of the value of …  figuring out… not to rely solely on …. Based on what I was heard, I do agree with the man’s advice which focuses on…. The woman should be confident to conquer the project by following the man’s advice.


Template 3

The man encounters an obstacle that, even though…he still couldn’t …. In order to help him tackle the problem, the woman suggests …by which she means. In this way, problems could be resolved and  … will prove to be more efficient. If I were the male student, I’d appreciate the new way and definitely give it a shot to see how it works out.