Transition Words & Phrases for Your TOEFL Essay


1.Giving an example

first of all, to begin with, first, second, next, in the first (second) place, furthermore, moreover, beyond that, also, besides, in addition, what is more, such as, finally, for example, for instance, in this case, namely, as you know, you may ask/say, as he explains, like, a case in point is…, consider…, in particular, including…, for one thing…, for another…, put it simply, stated roughly, as an illustration, I will say…, a good example (of…) would be…, to detail this, I would like to…, it is interesting to note that…, in this situation, as proof, take the case of…, take (something) as example, as for, as regards, as to, according to, on this occasion

2. Set the reason

Since, because (of), as, for, owing to, result from, due to, on account of, on the ground of, as a result of, being that, another important factor/reason of…, in that…, owing to, due to, for the reason that…, in view of, the reason seems to be obvious, for this reason.


At the same time, as soon as, so far, since, now, then until, when, meanwhile, shortly, later, lately, after a while, at this time, at that time, before, earlier, presently, in the meantime, formerly, previously, simultaneously, eventually, finally, concurrently , immediately, subsequently, lastly, consequently, since then, following this, preceding this, at the outset, at this point, after, afterwards, after this, at once, at length, in the mean time, meanwhile, at the same time, in the end, not long after, some time ago, at present, all of a sudden, from this time on.


Close to, close at hand , next to, down, far, beyond, against, on the opposite side, opposite to, above, across, across from, around, at the bottom, before, behind, below, beneath, between, in the middle of, in the distance, in the center of, farther, on the left/right


In other words, again, as has been pointed out, to repeat, as I have said above, once again, after all, indeed, in fact, truly, of course, chiefly, especially certainly, actually, particularly, to be sure, above all, surely, most important of all, even worse, no doubt, needless to say.

6.Cause & Effect

So, then therefore, thus, hence, as a result, accordingly, for this reason, on that account, it follows that, thereupon, inevitably, under these conditions, as a consequence, consequently, in consequence, so that, not only…but (also…), so… as to


similarly, likewise, like, as, at the same time, in fact, too, in the same way, in alike manner, both, also, compared with, in comparison with


but, however, yet, or, nevertheless, still, nonetheless, conversely, nor rather, whereas, though, on the one hand, on the other hand, on the contrary, by contrast with/to, even though, instead, unlike, different from, in contrast (with/to), instead (of), the opposite (of), unlike, while, for all of that, notwithstanding, something is just the other way around, opposed to, as opposed to


To sum up, in summary, to summarize, in short, in brief, to be brief, in other words, on the whole, in conclusion, to conclude, the conclusion can be drawn that…

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