Check this if you haven’t started to set a TOEFL Study plan yet!

If you have just started studying for the TOEFL iBT the process might seem a bit overwhelming. But the fact you have to know is that everyone else who is preparing for the TOEFL is in the same situation you are. There is a lot of works to do, so you probably need a clear schedule to keep you organized.

This little page will help you to make your schedule looks more visual, simple and clear.


①Your Target Score

My target score is______ on the TOEFL iBT Test.

I got ______ on my last TOEFL iBT Test. This means that I need to improve my score by ______ points.

 ②Time Left

For every point that I want to increase my score, I should study for at least 18 hours.

So… _____ x 18 hours = ______ hours

I need to find ______ hours to study for TOEFL iBT test before _________.

My deadline is ______ weeks from today. I have ______ weeks to study every day.

______ ÷ _______ = _______ hours is the number of hours I need to study every week.

③ Time to Action

I can find ______ hours for studying on…

          Mondays from ______ until _______.

          Tuesdays from ______ until _______.

         Wednesdays from ______ until _______.

  Thursdays from ______ until _______.

  Fridays from ______ until _______.

  Saturdays from ______ until _______.

  Sundays from ______ until _______.

④ Your Choices

To be accountable and schedule my time, I will use…

  Gmail’s calendar function

  My smartphone’s agenda apps

  Gmail’s calendar/ Agenda apps + adding TOEFL iBT Online Official Newsletter ,so they can check on me.

  A paper calendar that I will put on my fridge / bedroom door / bathroom mirror / ___________.

  I will tell your friend ________________ that I’m studying for TOEFL at these times so s/he supports me.

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