TOEFL Speaking Questions & Answers — 10 popular samples

【Qustion-01】“Public transportation should be encouraged instead of private cars.” Do you agree with this statement? Please give reasons for your answer.

With the improvement of living standards, some people can afford to buy their own cars. They drive to work or drive to the suburbs, enjoying the happy holidays. Yet, private cars can’t replace public transportation, such as buses or subways. Compared with private cars, buses and subways have several advantages. First, they are very cheap. A monthly ticket enables one to go from almost any part of the city to another by bus or subway. Second, the bus and subway schedules are well planned and seldom does one have to wait very long to catch them. Third, they have comfortable seats and some of them are air-conditioned. Therefore, public transportation should be encouraged.

【Qustion-02】What do you think are the qualities of a good leader?

In my opinion, a good leader should be trustworthy, persistent and forward-looking. The world is looking for honest and upright leaders, too. In order to leave this world a different place, a leader also has to persevere. Leaders don't grow in a comfort zone. Leaders are not people with exceptional talent; they are people who have learned from their mistakes and get up and try again, being a non-quitter. Being in leadership roles, a person should be able to see the big picture and take risks, doing things right and at the right time. Thus he can correctly assess a situation and knows how to take the next step. In summary, honesty, endurance, and having a big vision are the good qualities of/for effective leadership.

【Qustion-03】Do you agree or disagree that people should always tell the truth?

I don’t think it’s a good idea for people to always speak the truth. Truth can enhance but sometimes can destroy a relationship, depending upon the intent. There are times when telling "truth" is unloving. For example, you might not be wild about what your friend is wearing, but if your friend is giving an important presentation and asks you how s/he looks, it would not be in anyone's highest good to give your opinion. There are also times when many of us have much difficulty speaking our truth especially to important others such as parents, siblings, close friends, and beloved ones. We are afraid the other person will be angry or hurt by our truth, even when we state it without judgment or blame. Therefore, telling the truth is not always helpful. The important thing in telling the truth is, to be honest with yourself about your own intent in telling your truth. Sample answer: The lecture is about the relationship between demands for certain products and their prices in the market. Generally, the proportion relationship between them is inverse, that is, when the price goes up, the demand immediately drops down. The higher the price is, the less willingly the consumers pay for. Instead, some former consumers may shift to other alternative products. However, there are also exceptions to this rule. That is, when the price of certain products increases, the demands for them could also rise for a while. However, consumers could still buy the product for storage because it is relatively affordable compared to other kinds of products. Also, they wouldn’t take the risk of paying the soaring price later on.

【Qustion-04】Some people have a few favorite foods that they eat most of the time. Others are always trying new dishes and styles of cooking. Which do you prefer and why?

Some people eat a few favorite foods most of the time ‘cause they do not feel their favorites, like great music, should be changed. But I I've always loved to discover new dishes and cuisines and I would like to have the opportunity to try different types of ethnic foods so that I can get a better understanding of the food culture. Maybe I’ll find some new favorites. In addition, I love trying new things and experimenting ‘cause this is exciting for me. More importantly, this way I can enrich my dining experience and improve the overall dining quality. Furthermore,various dishes represent different nationalities. And owing to the versatility,I can become a bit more creative in the kitchen. Since the world offers us these different styles, why not try them?

【Qustion-05】Choose a profession that you love and you will never work a day in your life. Explain why this profession would be appealing to you and why you wouldn’t take it.

A profession that I admire and will never take is singing. I love to sing because I can feel energetic and lively when I sing. Also I like the natural sound of the voice, believing that singing will enhance my life. However, I would never sing as a professional even though I clearly know that life is so much sweeter when I’m earning a living by doing something I love. First, to serve the public as a professional singer, I will need to make more sacrifices. Second, I can’t sing well enough to entertain thousands and thousands of audiences. Third, I have no musical talent to make it a successful career. Therefore, I wouldn’t take singing as a long-standing profession.

【Question-06】Some people tend to judge a person on the basis of first observation. Some people believe it takes a long time to know a person well. Which approach to knowing people do you think is better and why?

In my point of view, I don’t think judging a person on the basis of first observation is generally correct. First of all, a person usually tries to appear nicer than he or she really is when first meeting someone. Some even pretend to be good on purpose. Second, good looks doesn’t necessarily match good character. People should be wise to realize the possibilities of false impressions they may have at the first glance. In fact, a person’s character can be fairly judged through careful observation ‘cause the true character can only be revealed in the person’s reactions to different events. It takes time to get to know someone and find out the real personality. Therefore, judging a person by the appearance is often wrong.

【Question-07】If you unexpectedly receive a large amount of money, what will you do with it? Would you spend it for practical purpose or simply for fun? State your opinion and explain your reasons.

If I got a lot of money, the first thing I would like to do is to go for overseas study. I have always wanted to finish my university in a different country. When I was in junior high, one of my classmates got a chance to go to the USA. At that time there were not many families who could afford their child to do that. To me, it was also a dream, and the dream has been planting in my mind until today. Therefore, I would definitely do this first if I had enough money. Then, I would give the rest of the money to my parents so that they could live a better and easier life. These two things above are what I really would like to do if I had a lot of money.

【Question-08】Which place is your favorite place when you were a child? Describe it and explain why you liked to go there.

When I was young, the place I most liked to go is the beach I live close to. I love nature----white, powdery sand along crystal-clear waters, palm trees for shade, and the sea breeze are all the things that I really appreciate. Besides, I could do a lot of things there. There were many fun and athletic activities available. I learned how to swim there and building sand castles is my favorite activity. When the weather was awsome, I just lay on the beach and enjoyed the sun. Also I made my childhood friends there and we still keep in touch to this day. It is the place that brought me a lot of wonderful memories and that’s why I loved to go there.

【Question-09】Compared with science and math study, the study of art and literature is not very important. Do you agree or disagree?

Many people may think that studying science and math is more beneficial. However, I do believe that art and literature also have their own importance on our lives. To begin with, our life relies a great deal on such subjects as art and literature. Many aspects of our lives need to be treated by art and literature. As human beings, we have feelings and emotions which are expected to be cared for. That’s why we have music, movies, books, paintings, sculptures for us to relax, enjoy, enlighten our mind and refresh our soul. Apart from that, I believe that some people are born with scientific ability while others are born with literary talents. So let a scientist do the research, and let a painter paint.

【Question-10】Some people prefer to keep reading a new book until it is finished. Others prefer to stop reading whenever they lose interest. Which method of reading do you think is better and why?

In my opinion, I like to keep reading a new book until it is finished. This way, I can develop a new ability to maintain focus. Reading at parts kind of gets boring. It’s true that there are some people who start a book and never finish it and then switch to another book and never complete it either. Normally, people stop reading when they lose interest ‘cause they think if they continue, it won’t be of any help but annoyance. On the contrary, when you keep reading and afterwards you’ll find it’s going to get interesting. Gradually you’ll renew enthusiasm for reading, and thus form a good habit of reading. Therefore, I would rather be a sequential finisher than a scattered reader.


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