3 Easy TOEFL Speaking Template You’d Better Check


TOEFL Speaking Template ❶ Person

Sample A

Well, as for as I’m concerned, Logan is the most helpful teacher to me, and I have to main reasons for that.

To begin with, he is really concerned about all the students in his class. For example, he would meet me and other student after class to make sure we understood his lessons.

Also, personally speaking, he is of great help to those ambitious students who are willing to go abroad to further their education. For instance, he helped students who were eager to attend foreign universities fill out their applicant and edit their personal statement till very late.

Sample B

I respect and admire my mother more than anyone else in this world as far as I’m concerned.

First and foremost, she treats me with extraordinary patience and an open mind forever. When I was little and naughty, it took my mom many efforts to teach me about good and bad. When I get radical, my mother was patient enough to bring me back to the track.

In addition, she was always supportive when I raised reasonable request., since she trusted me to make my own decisions, like how to spent my pocket money or which study group to join.

Sample C

As for as I’m concerned, what makes a good friend is someone who is honest and has a good sense of humor.

For one thing, I just look for someone who’s honest to me no matter what. He should not tell stories behind my back; he should tell me my short-comings at my mouth, but never praises me in front of me.

Besides, I’d love to spend more time with someone who can make me laugh and is fun to be around. That is to say, he can really life my spirits whenever I get down or upset. Therefore I could always feel soothed and relieved in the time I spent with him.

TOEFL Speaking Template ❷ Objects

Sample A

As a big fan of fantasy stories, I especially have fun with J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series for they’re challenging, relaxing, and more importantly, the tale is terrific.

For one thing, I’ve got the feeling that the plots are carefully made up. In addition, I believe the author just has got the power to make complicated stories so straightforward.

Even though some of the conversations were too long to make the whole story go smoothly, I’ll still have to admit that such novel really worth a “two-thumbs up”.

Sample B

I would like to learn how to play guitar most for there are millions of merits of learning a musical instrument.

For one thing, it would be a most talented skill to achieve. For example, could take my guitar to all kinds of parties to demonstrate my gift of music and I bet it would be exciting.

Sample C

To begin with, it helps me communicate with the world around me. By using my cell phone, I could easily keep in touch with my friends, family members, classmates, you know, everyone! And even in dangerous situation, it could save my life. I’ll just have to make a call telling others that I’m in danger.

More importantly if I have to say, it’s also a great entertainment. When I get bored, it’s a music box, cuz my favorite mp3 music and mpeg4 movie clips with in my cell will easily cheer me up.

Sample D

According to my understanding, the most impressive opportunity that was given to me was to draw a report for a government agency, on the distribution of health food in Beijing 2 years ago.

For one thing, it was the most special chance for me in my life for the reason that I learned a lot of practical skills during the process. For first hand data, I had to visit hundreds of drugstores in the city.

In addition, I finally understood that dealing with employees can be very troublesome. For instance, many of them got suspicious about my intention and finally, I had to make several trips to the same store to meet their supervisor to talk them into my outcome of the research and then everyone else.

Sample E

Well, what I like is a modern department with large rooms since it makes me what I am now.

First, I could always feels relaxed and soothed inside, since it has high ceilings and a few pieces of chic furniture so it would feel more spacious then ever.

Besides, I’m also crazy about the big picture windows that I could throw open in summer, so that the whole place would be light and airy. And so my room like that will really lift my spirits whenever I feel down or upset.

Sample F

According to my understanding, my life goal is to become a respectful teacher.

For one thing, my mother used to be a math teacher and I remember watching her correcting students’ home work till 2 o’clock every night, thinking being a teacher is the noblest job in the world. After I went to college, I selected several courses about teaching methodology and attended a series of seminar discussing teacher’s quality.

Besides, I got the feeling that I am or lat least will be qualified to be a good teacher, for the reason that I took a part-time job of teaching English in a high school for nearly 2 years to polish my teaching and communicating skills.

TOEFL Speaking Template ❸ Events

Well, in my opinion, my 20th birthday, my first surprising party by my friends, surprised me most, and I have 2 main reasons for that.

First of all, I was amazed by the definition of true friendship as some of my old friends from South Africa traveling 20 hours by air coming to celebrate my birthday, who attacked me dramatically with a birthday cake.

Another reason that was surprising to me was that they took a photo of me which made him whole occasion unforgettable. Finally, they sang a birthday song for me according to western tradition, which is totally beyond my expectation.

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